The Spring Open

Welcome to a Tournament of Flying Limbs, Heads & Smoking Craters!

Some of you might hear about a new myth tournament and think, "Oh boy, another one, why should I even bother playing this time?" For me, it's always been a matter of if I will actually have time to participate, who I will participate with, and the notion that you never really know when Myth II will be all wrapped up.

This year we have The Spring Open popping up following a TWS draft-style tournament, but preceding our traditionally celebrated Myth World Cup. Why did I bother to put something like this together? Well, why not. I'm quite bored of random team games. :)

I wanted to provide an opportunity for the community to get some standard myth in this year in an open 2team tournament. This is that opportunity. Gather your friends and let's see what we field. It is quite difficult for the majority of our players who play myth casually to have perfect schedules that will align every weekend, however those with consistency should look to create groups with other weekend-actives and invite others to come play as well.

The Spring Open is pretty appropriate to label this tournament. It will be played during the spring, potentially making its way to the first few weeks of June. It is also an "Open" tournament, meaning rosters are open for players to build teams around their friends. Any team meeting the team registration requirements will officially be signed up to play, it is open to any and all who wish to play some team games with their E-buddies against other coordinated groups.

I've always believed, "If you build it, they will come" thanks to Field of Dreams. But the truth is, those who come truly build. Good luck, whether you participate or not.

A par73 Production.